About our partners


As visionaries we're dedicated to creating work that triggers emotion while aligning with the grounded realms of relevance to defined project goals.


We are a creative boutique founded by creative, Edgar Andrés Zorrilla impassioned by dynamic multi-disciplinary art, design, technology for brands and business development.


NEXTMARVEL started as Edgar's creative portfolio in 2007. Nextmarvel is now blooming to be a collaboration hub of technology, creativity and management with striving for that of which is larger than ourselves.


We work smart to make dreams come to life. We love to collaborate, imagine and realize dreams.


Our deepest desire is to work with highly motivated and impassioned professionals and clients around the world who strive for nothing shorter than their most glorious hyper vision.


There is no particular style or form that we grab on to as king in our processes and execution. Learning and listening are our best skills that are undeniably essential to being in tune with the times and heightening sensitivity to integrating big ideas and relevant solutions for business goals.

Our eclectic portfolios include work for: