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#dearmassimo A Great 20th Century Designer

As stated in we lost an icon to design. He was truly ahead of his time.

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State Farm Mural for Bonnaroo Music Festival #ThrowBackThursday

I believe when like minded artists get together on a project, a lot of excitement is known to radiate from the centers of each participating individual’s euphorically enhanced consciousness to shoot through to the creative gods who may smile in satisfaction in return. On June 3rd, 2012, my creative partner Jorge Urbaez, set out on […]

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Post to your Facebook Business Brand Page From Instagram on Your mobile

I wanted to post to my NEXTMARVEL Facebook Brand Page from my @Nextmarvel Instagram page and didn’t realize how easy it was until I did a little research. So I thought it would be nice to share some key screenshots to help guide others through this simple process. See below and cheers! To avoid subtle […]

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Pride, passion, hard work and more blogging…

I couldn’t be more proud of the team. Everyone is doing their part in being part of a greater vision. My creative partner, Jorge Urbaez, is running photo-shoots, writing treatments, developing scripts, art directing sets for multiple video shoots and more.

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Mountain Lion 10.8

Rails Mountain Lion Errors

The Problem If you’re starting rails server on Mountain Lion you might be encountering errors like these: The Cause Mountain Lion removes the /usr/lib/libltdl.7.dylib. The Solution 1) Install XCode 4.4+ through the app store 2) Install the XCode Command Line Tools 3) Make sure you have homebrew installed and run this: 4) Then to recompile […]

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Audibly: Audio Recording for Everyday Use

We’ve developed a utility for quickly and easily creating and sharing recordings from your mac desktop. Audibly is a menubar application that lets you record audio anytime by holding a hotkey. When you’re done recording the audio will be available on your desktop (like a screenshot). We also upload the recording to the cloud and […]

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An iOS match game for my kids

There are a lot of games in the app store available for entertaining young kids but the majority of them aren’t ideal for kids or parents. I built a simple match game for my kids that addresses a few common shortcomings of existing kids apps. Important differences for me as a parent No way for […]

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15-30 Second Page Loads in Rails 3 Development Environment

The Problem Rails development environment has incredibly slow page loads while production is fast. And when I say slow, I mean 15-30 seconds. Rails server will likely report the page as loading in under a second but it’s still taking 30 secons to show up. The Cause DNS problems. Nothing to do with rails, this […]

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