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Last Major Event: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Tanya Lavache and Minxinx are two dynamic New York City based Latina artists, that came together to showcase a new art collection titled "Blood, Sweat & Tears." The works displayed the artist's hearts, struggles, and passions as Latina New Yorkers on canvas.

Through the generous contributions by Ogilvy and LatinRED, NEXTMARVEL cordially invited an audience of observers to experience and participate in a silent auction for the new exhibition collection, hosted at the Ogilvy&Mather headquarters in New York.

Jorge Urbaez conducted as Producer, Partner Coordinator and Curator for every of this event from beginning to end. Media to come of this great event.

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The spark of an urban creative community in session. NEXTMARVEL's "Creative Chill Sessions" showcases works of individuals who value the importance of expressive freedom through mediums of art and music, and provides an open platform to display talent.

10 Years of Creativity

NEXTMARVEL is a growing high-level creative network of independent artists, designers, and technologists. We are a dynamic partnership network of individuals in the creative, fine arts and technology industries. We dream about them all coming together as one happy family, living integrated and harmoniously.

We collaborate with artists, promote them and hope to inspire creatives around the world to collaborate and be a part of a greater global vision in this very connected world. Our core partnership also services as high-level brand communicators through bold art, design and technology.

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