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Mountain Lion 10.8

Rails Mountain Lion Errors

The Problem If you’re starting rails server on Mountain Lion you might be encountering errors like these: The Cause Mountain Lion removes the /usr/lib/libltdl.7.dylib. The Solution 1) Install XCode 4.4+ through the app store 2) Install the XCode Command Line Tools 3) Make sure you have homebrew installed and run this: 4) Then to recompile […]

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Audibly: Audio Recording for Everyday Use

We’ve developed a utility for quickly and easily creating and sharing recordings from your mac desktop. Audibly is a menubar application that lets you record audio anytime by holding a hotkey. When you’re done recording the audio will be available on your desktop (like a screenshot). We also upload the recording to the cloud and […]

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An iOS match game for my kids

There are a lot of games in the app store available for entertaining young kids but the majority of them aren’t ideal for kids or parents. I built a simple match game for my kids that addresses a few common shortcomings of existing kids apps. Important differences for me as a parent No way for […]

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15-30 Second Page Loads in Rails 3 Development Environment

The Problem Rails development environment has incredibly slow page loads while production is fast. And when I say slow, I mean 15-30 seconds. Rails server will likely report the page as loading in under a second but it’s still taking 30 secons to show up. The Cause DNS problems. Nothing to do with rails, this […]

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Everyday Grep

Grep is well known and commonly used command line search function that far too many people aren’t taking advantage of. The purpose of this article is to give technically inclined folks easy to follow examples to speed up work. I’ll also discuss speed concerns because no one wants to wait 8 seconds for a search […]

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Passing additional data to jQuery.Ajax callbacks

jQuery makes it effortless to make additional data available from within the jQuery.ajax callbacks (success | error | complete) because within the callbacks, this refers to the object that was passed to jQuery.ajax. Knowing this, you can provide extra parameters that jQuery.ajax will ignore but you can access later. For example:

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Brew Install Postgresql on OS X Lion

The Problem If you’re installing postgresql via homebrew on Lion you might be encountering errors like these: The Cause Lion comes with a version of postgres already installed and uses those binaries by default. In general you can get around this by using the full path to the homebrew postgres binaries but there may be […]

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Compiling the MySQL2 gem on OS X with any version of MAMP

There are a number of solutions for compiling mysql with MAMP on OS X but there’s a simpler solution. Download and install MySQL (any version, I did 5.5.14 which is the latest as of this writing). Choose the “Mac OS X ver. 10.6 (x86, 64-bit), DMG Archive” option. From Terminal, run the following in your […]

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Link Shortening on

I love using the twitter web interface whenever i’m not at my primary computer but after getting used to the way Twitter for Mac handles link shortening I’m often frustrated with Twitter for Mac The letter count of a tweet with a long link in Twitter for Mac displays what the character count will […]

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One line Javascript browser detection

Browser Detection Sucks There are a lot of good arguments for avoiding browser detection and they’re 100% correct in most cases. Anyone who’s ever seen the “Browser version does not meet minimum requirements” message while in a capable browser will agree that filtering based on user-agent should be stopped. Browser Detection Rocks That being said, […]

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