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#dearmassimo A Great 20th Century Designer

As stated in we lost an icon to design. He was truly ahead of his time.

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State Farm Mural for Bonnaroo Music Festival #ThrowBackThursday

I believe when like minded artists get together on a project, a lot of excitement is known to radiate from the centers of each participating individual’s euphorically enhanced consciousness to shoot through to the creative gods who may smile in satisfaction in return. On June 3rd, 2012, my creative partner Jorge Urbaez, set out on […]

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Thought: Personification of Businesses via Branding

Branding has a served a purpose in personifying businesses since the beginning of its existence since that is the reason why it is evident and present in our society. Today brands are faced with greater challenges and risks of putting their name out into the world with all the competition. Seemingly, it’s almost as though […]

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