An iOS match game for my kids

There are a lot of games in the app store available for entertaining young kids but the majority of them aren’t ideal for kids or parents. I built a simple match game for my kids that addresses a few common shortcomings of existing kids apps.

Important differences for me as a parent

  • No way for kids to get out of the game other than the home button. There are no ads, promos, in app purchase buttons, settings, start buttons, additional screens, or anything else. If the app is open all you see is the game board ready to play.
  • No sounds. This app does not make noise even when the kids are adjusting the volume and flipping the sound/vibration toggle.
  • It’s a universal app so you don’t need to buy it again on the ipad.
  • Has pictures of real animals and entertains the kids. Ok, maybe this one isn’t a differentiator.

I did my best to make it worth the 99 cents.

Ocean Match!

Animal Match!