Thought: Personification of Businesses via Branding

Branding has a served a purpose in personifying businesses since the beginning of its existence since that is the reason why it is evident and present in our society. Today brands are faced with greater challenges and risks of putting their name out into the world with all the competition. Seemingly, it’s almost as though you can get a real presence in the public discourse or a really small amount right now with no in between. You’re either a great “somebody” or a “nobody knows your name”. Now there is this new evolved thick layer of skin to a brand that did not exist less than a decade ago. Social interaction. This has gone beyond the average branding of:

1. Graphics, photography and developed creative language

2. Some cool and talked about viral promotion ad on youtube

3. An “interactive” site making you experience the product

4. A stir within the public discourse as a result of some promo activity/event or daring act in the community

… and much more… Social interaction, as we know it, has become an ongoing relationship. We now “follow” each other. We need to “blog”, “tweet”, “like” and much more.

The intuitive evolution of a good brand is one that instinctively understands that this age is compelling businesses to interact with their audiences at a level never experienced or thought to be possible. The questions of today are more about how do we truly ensure to make this platform of communication effective at all, as well as measure results, who/when do we hire? intern or social media expert? how do we collect data, analyze, and use it for the future?

That, among a million other questions are in the scene. These questions are not at all impossible to answer. They are as possible as they can be upon research, information, like statistics, and heavy analytics.

There are fine differences in the brand communication model due to the channels of media that are available today via the web.

What’s the point of this post? To contribute and promote thought by giving branding a closer look in the modern world as this world of social marketing has effected it greatly.